Our Story

Kia Ora, 

I am Zoey and I am the founder of Gold Walk alongside my husband Maru.

 We are at the stage of our lives where we work corporate jobs, do some voluntary work and have 3 very sporty and social kids to run around after. Adulting is busy right? I am extremely sensitive to everything (light, sound, food, skin care products and ESPECIALLY sensitive to the fabrics I put on my skin). Trying to find clothing that is suitable for all the different hats we wear in a day going between meetings, sport sidelines, squeezing in some exercise and running errands is challenging. This combined the awareness of the impact fast fashion is having on the people making them and the planet is becoming more obvious. We love to thrift and find vintage pieces, we encourage people to do this, but we understand it can be a bit hit and miss. It was hard to find a brand that was sustainably minded, versatile and cool (rather than hiking gear), this is how our brand was born.

Every product we launch are the ‘go to’ pieces in our wardrobes we personally love and wear all the time. The items look and feel amazing, they are gorgeous colors, fabrics, well made and are designed to give you the confidence to go live, breathe and walk your golden life. Here at GW, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we care about people and the planet and are committed to constantly reviewing and identifying improvements we can make to be more conscious with every collection.  



How it all started,

I was that 5 year old girl wearing a princess dress in the sheep paddock. The 7 year old girl was dressed by her Mum in the morning and changed once I got to school into the outfit I had hidden in my bag. I would have loved to be a designer when I was younger but didn't think I could do it so decided on an office job like many of us do. 
I have spent the last 10 years in HR/ Personal and Professional Development in male dominated industries and getting told I am too sensitive.
I love working with people and use my sensitivity every single day when wearing my HR hat to help with building high performance teams, conflict resolution, goal setting and more, but I reached a point I wanted to do and be something else, not just an HR.

A big part of my purpose in life is working with people to understand what they REALLY want to be doing with their lives, reconnecting them with the dreams they had before they followed the more conventional path approved by society. For me, starting a label and creating clothing for myself and other sensitive people was doing just that. The gold walk is the feeling you get when you are making the choices and steps that are aligned with your dreams. 

A point of difference between our brand and others is that I share the behind the scenes journey of growing this brand because I know first hand how scary it can be to try something new. I also now know how good it feels to pursue what sets your heart on fire. Step at a time.

Thanks for being part of the Gold Walk Community.

Z and M xx