Our Story

Kia Ora, 

I am Zoey and I am the founder of Gold Walk alongside my husband Maru.

We are a small boutique brand that is striving to do things differently. We have a values centered approach to filling your clothing needs. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact fast fashion is having on the people making them and the planet. We love to thrift and find vintage pieces, we encourage people to do this, but we understand it can be a bit hit and miss. We found it was hard to find a brand that was sustainably minded, versatile and cool (rather than hiking gear)

Every product we launch are the ‘go to’ pieces in our wardrobes we personally love and wear all the time. The items look and feel amazing, they are gorgeous colors, fabrics, well made and are designed to give you the confidence to go live, breathe and walk your golden life. Here at GW, we don’t claim to be perfect, but we care about people and the planet and are committed to constantly reviewing and identifying improvements we can make to be more conscious with every collection.  



What makes us different

A point of difference between our brand and others is that I share the journey of designing and manufaturing our pieces alongside our personal life. I show the real and raw reality of being an adult, having a family and work responsabilities but also the creative process. Although this is my baby and I am the face of the brand, I have an incredible community of New Zealand based manufacturers, suppliers and contractors that turn my visions into a reality and I will always strive to give credit where its due. Not every brand is going to explain to you WHY you are custom dying organic buttons OR what local artisans we are engaging to collaborate to build a stunning item of clothing. One of the biggest strengths of the brand is our fabulous community which we are constantly getting ideas and feedback from. We care about what they think and say, this has allowed us to really create premium products as we understand what they want to see and truly listen. Since 2020 we have made changes to the way we operate including the shift to local production, we are committed to making changes step at a time to ensure we are constantly evolving. 

Thanks for being part of the Gold Walk Community.

Z and M xx